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Stylish Silver Grey Throw For Your Home

Silver Throw For Your Home

Here you will find a stunning selection of beautiful silver throws and blankets. Warm, practical and yet stylish a silver throw can add a cool sophistication and elegance to your home.

A silver throw is a stunning and special addition to your home. For a while I wasn't entirely sure about using this colour in a throw in a home but now I can see how versatile they are and how they seem to have an ability to fit in with the decor in the room and blend with many different colours.

Adding a lovely throw or blanket to a room is a lot easier and much less expensive than painting and redecorating. Just buy a throw and change the look and mood of a room very quickly.


Some of the silvers are more deep iron grey, others lighter and everything in between. So if you are looking to cosy up in faux fur or have the gorgeous feeling of softness against your skin there is a good choice here for you.

 A throw also makes a very special and thoughtful gift that is both practical and very beautiful.

If you do not see a specific throw here you are looking for you can go through to Amazon via any of the links here to look for more. I do hope you find the perfect throw for you.

Why A Silver Throw?

This page was inspired by a friend of mine. She had been searching all over for a silver throw and could not find one she liked. She knows I write and said you should do a page about silver throws as they are so beautiful and not that easy to find!

So I researched! I found that silver as a colour really ranges from a bright almost white silver through the greyer silvers to an almost steely black type silver. I wonder which is your favourite type of colour in this spectrum?

Also throws come in many different fabrics from faux fur- so soft, to silk which is just gorgeous, luxury cashmere and the practical fleeces and cottons. At the end of the day it all depends on what you want a throw for in terms of practical use and how you want it to look and fit in with your existing decor.

As to where to use a throw, it can go in just about any room you like. Throws can be so stylish in a living room draped over the sofa or a chair, beautiful in a bedroom to add an extra lovely warm layer on the bed or as decoration.

You may also find that any comfort seeking pet you have will find your cosy throw and cuddle up in it, cats are especially good at this !

Chinchilla Faux Fur Throw - Silver Tipped Chinchilla Faux Fur on Both Sides Large 50" x 70"

Beautiful and cuddly faux fur throw. This is a real touch of luxury to have the faux fur on both sides of this gorgeous throw.

Large sized silver throw with dark brown fibres. Very cuddly! Very textured and lovely for anyone who enjoys soft fabrics to the touch. Good reviews on

Many throws only have the faux fur on one side and so are not quite so luxurious. However when you have faux fur on both sides it really doesn't matter which way round you wrap it around you!

This also gives the added bonus is that it looks gorgeous however you decide to use it in your home or casually drape over a chair or bed.

Does The Colour Silver Have Meaning?

The colour silver is often seen as a grown up sophisticated colour, somewhat mysterious as well having many qualities of gold but gold is on the warmer spectrum.

Silver is a cool colour and is many times linked with the moon and moon energy.

The colour silver represents intuition and imagination.

So it would seem it is a good thing to have a little silver in our lives!

BNF Home Sequin Embroidered Throw Couch Cover Sofa Blanket, 50 by 60", Silver Grey

Pretty embroidered throw which can easily be used as a blanket on chilly evenings or a throw over a sofa. 
It is made of 100% Polyester by BNF home. This material is very soft and warm to the touch with double sided soft fabrics.
It is very easy care being machine washable cold and a low tumble dry setting. So although it looks more elegant it is stillvery practical and affordable.

BNF Home Sequin Embroidered Throw Couch Cover Sofa Blanket, 50 by 60", Silver Grey


Colours with Silver

When I am buying something to wear or something for our home I do always think what colours would go best with it. For wearing silver I like to wear it with black or pink.

However in the home I prefer to mix silver with other more neutral colours, soft colours that blend into each other. I would occasionally add a splash of something brighter like a lovely red to liven things up.

For a bold more unique look try Gold and Silver, maybe a brave choice in the home but done well and kept as understated as possible it can look stunning. Essentially have fun with silver !

Which colours does a silver throw go best with ? Let me know what you think in the comments if you like.

All OF The Above!
Another colour Not Listed here-

Quilted Flannel Fleece Embroidered Throw Blanket, 50 by 60", Silver/Grey by BNF home

 This lovely throw blanket is made of polyester by BNF homes. It is 50 inches by 50 inches (127x1524 cm) so a decent sized throw. It comes packed with ribbon and so can make a very lovly gift too. 

With it being machine washable you don't have to worry if it gets a little dirty. Just pop it in to the washing machine, so very easy to care for. It must be on a cold wash and washed seperately.

I love hearing from readers and appreciate you taking the time to comment. I do read each and every comment.

Thank you!

Here are a couple comments I received when this was posted on a different writing site

nightbear lm profile image
What a wonderful home accessory for bedroom or living room, warm and snugly and just a touch of luxury. Nice page on silver throws

LisaAuch1 profile image
I am in Heaven I have just found the exact silver throw in the exact color I want for my bedroom! I love having a throw over the bed great for cozying into in the cold winter nights, and I am in love with the Silk and Sable - Silver Fox Faux Fur Throw Perhaps my hubby will see this and take the hint :)

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