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Stylish Silver Grey Throw For Your Home

Silver Throw For Your Home Here you will find a stunning selection of beautiful silver throws and blankets. Warm, practical and yet stylish a silver throw can add a cool sophistication and elegance to your home. A silver throw is a stunning and special addition to your home. For a while I wasn't entirely sure about using this colour in a throw in a home but now I can see how versatile they are and how they seem to have an ability to fit in with the decor in the room and blend with many different colours. Adding a lovely throw or blanket to a room is a lot easier and much less expensive than painting and redecorating. Just buy a throw and change the look and mood of a room very quickly.   Mink Faux Fur Throw By Tahari Home, Luxury Plush Silver Tipped Gray Blanket (Grey)   Some of the silvers are more deep iron grey, others lighter and everything in between. So if you are looking to cosy up in faux fur or have the gorgeous feeling of softness agai

Pure White Or Silver Bedding

  White Or Silver Bedding    White and Silver are gorgeous, cool and sophisticated colours for bedding. White or Silver sheets are very versatile and always look good with most bedroom decor and most other bedding you will own.    Great Taste Silver Gray Duvet Cover Set Silk Bedding Luxury Bedding, Queen Size I especially love white bedding in the summer when the nights can be muggy and too hot and white sheets always make you feel fresh and uncluttered.  I also love silver sheets and bedding for a cool understated look that tends to look good for longer. Luxury White 6 Piece Sheet Set  Beautiful, breathable, soft and gorgeous 6 piece white bedding set. Wrinkle free to look great for longer and extra soft. CGK Unlimited - Queen Size Sheet Set - 6 Piece Set - Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets - Extra Soft - Deep Pockets - Easy Fit - Breathable & Cooling Sheets - Wrinkle Free - White Bed Sheets   I have searched here for the more silky materials available for that added touch of

Cool Cat Slippers

Crazy Cool Cat Slippers If you or a loved one adores cats then get a pair or two of these wonderful cat slippers ! Not only your cute and cuddly domestic cat, also tigers, lions and leopards to bring out your wild side!! I have a fascination with cats. I had a cat when i was a child but she was never the very cuddly kind. Maybe that's why I like wild cats the most-tigers, Lions the wild the free the slightly scary but oh so stunningly beautiful cats. Cat slippers can be cute and cuddly or slightly wild and feminine so a good choice! Ty Beanie Baby Boos Toddler/Girls Raised Plush Tabitha Cat Slippers (Little Kid- 10) Cat slippers make great gifts any time and wonderful fun and practical Christmas, Birthday, Easter presents or Valentines day presents for any Cat Lover that will be well loved, so take a look and take your pick :) Keep your feet warm and cosy this winter and also look stylish or have some fun !! Some are extra warm, some are pink, some are cuddly. Som

Purple Faux Fur Blankets

If you are looking for a purple throw feel free to browse here. I love the colour purple and all its variants of mauve and lilacs. I love to have throws in every room in our home and this colour add a touch of luxury. I have a lovely selection of purple throw s, including faux fur, fleece throws and many more. Change the look and feel of a room in a very easy way by adding one of these. No mess, no decorating yet you will see a difference in the mood of the room. This gorgeous regal and rich colour that can make you feel wonderful and special. It is one of my fave colours to wear and I also think it can be stunning in home decor. Cosy up in one of these wonderful throws on a cold winters night and enjoy the super soft feeling. Throws also make great gifts, I love to give them for special occasions such as at Christmas, Birthdays or house warmings as they are both practical and beautiful.   Meaning Of The Colour Purple. Purple is associated with many things. Top of the

Unique Personalized Blankets

Unique Personalized Blankets Here we have a selection of personalised blankets. Many of these personalised blankets are wonderful for gifts whether it be for a baby, a family or a student just off to University. It feels like someone has made that little extra effort to make it a personal gift.  They are wonderful for presents for new parents, a treasured keepsake blanket for baby. Ideal as gifts for newborns, naming ceremonies and christenings etc. Also blankets  older children and adults would appreciate. A blanket that is personalised in any way is a little more special. There is also a sense that especially in a larger family or if living with others like at University that it is your own personal blanket, just for you !  Personalized Owl Blanket Why personalise a blanket? I love many kinds of blanket and have many in our home. They find their way onto sofas, beds as throws and extra warmth in winter, watching TV cover ups, comforters when people are po

New Baby Receiving Blanket, An Ideal Gift

A Receiving Blanket For A New Baby A receiving blanket is a lovely item for baby. Here we have a lovely selection of receiving blankets for your newborn or if you are looking for a gift for a new baby. They are available in many different colours and patterns and at different prices to suit everyone.  There are receiving blankets which will suit the colour scheme in any nursery. You can use a receiving blanket in many ways to care for a newborn baby. Baby Barnyard Framed Receiving Blanket      Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to buy or what parents already have for a new baby but these receiving blankets will always be welcomed. Very soft and warm and cuddly they are very practical and beautiful presents.  If you are a parent or family member looking for a keepsake receiving blanket I have highlighted a few here that are absolutely gorgeous to keep forever for the new baby in your life. I hope you enjoy browsing.    What Is A Receiving Blanket?  A receiving blanket

Flower Serenity Prayer Blanket

Flower Serenity Prayer Blanket  Happy New Year! I do hope your Year of 2016 has started well for you and that it brings happiness, good health, peace and a beautiful year. This lovely blanket caught my eye as I was looking for blankets with flowers and something gentle yet inspirational to cheer the rather dull, rainy January days we are experiencing right now. I love the muted pinks and greys and the misty rather romantic nature of the scene. Some comments on Amazon have said the colours are a little darker in real life than on the picture and very beautiful.  Serenity Prayer with Flowers Tapestry Throw Blanket 50" x 60" The verse is well known talking about Serenity, Courage and Wisdom all traits which perhaps many of us would like to have. The Serenity Prayer is timeless and appropriate for many people and many times in life.  As you may need to be quick to buy this throw I have included a further selection of Serenity Prayer throws and blankets which are also very

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Wishing all readers of My Beautiful Bedroom who celebrate it, a wonderful time over Christmas and a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year. I do hope you enjoyed browsing the lovely throws, blankets and bedding this year and maybe even found one or two for your home.  I look forward to sharing more beautiful items for the bedroom with you all.   If you like this blog please share and do consider joining our Facebook page Home Decor and Accessories for many more Ideas for the home. Follow Jasmine Ann Raintree's board Home Decor on Pinterest.