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Picnic Blankets and Hampers. From The Bedroom To The Great Outdoors!

Picnic Blankets and Hampers. OK I know you don't usually have a picnic in the bedroom, but its summer and the sun is shining and I was reminded that we need to get out there and enjoy a picnic so please forgive this slight departure from bedrooms to the great outdoors !

Here is a selection of picnic blankets and throws of varying budget and needs and a couple of wonderful hampers with everything you need for a picnic (except the food and drinks!).

A picnic is a lovely activity to do whether you are a family, couple or spending some quality me time. Some people may want a full on hamper, others a backpack or a simple blanket. Whichever is right for you just enjoy yourselves.

Picnic blankets and hampers are great at family picnics, visiting stately homes or hiking, in the countryside, beach or fields, watching sporting events, camping, at a music festival, or simply to have a practical blanket for use in the garden or park.

Picnic at Ascot Cheshire Basket for 2 with Blanket, Natural

 If a picnic basket can be beautiful then this one is- yes this one is certainly on my wish list!! A picnic basket with blanket in a natural colour. I do like the idea of a luxury picnic!! This will take any picnic to a new level. Beautifully handcrafted of natural willow it has leather handle and hinge covers and those little extra touches which make it quality. It measures 9" by 20" by 15" and has quality accessories.

Picnic at Ascot Cheshire Basket for 2 with Blanket, Gazebo


Picnic Backpack Cooler with Blanket For Two

The complete package- all you need for a picnic including picnic blanket! Enjoy this polycanvas picnic backpack which is lightweight and has ergonomic straps for your comfort. Yes it is a blanket and there is so much more! 

This picnic backpack is high on my list as i think it will be useful for traveling and most of the time it will be just the two of us. We love a picnic in the open air.

This great pack includes everything you will need for that romantic outdoor picnic. An essential corkscrew, cutting board and cheese knife plus condiment set. Acrylic wine glasses and melamine plates, stainless steel flatware and cotton napkins.

Picnic Backpack Cooler w/ Blanket For Two (Black)

Picnic at Ascot London Picnic Backpack for 4 with Blanket

Everything you require for a lovely time and a great day out with family or friends. You will have a great time with a large picnic blanket and everything else you need except the food! It would be a lovely set to take to an event or outdoor show, beach or countryside. Why not have a lovely picnic in style !

This set Includes plates, stainless steel flat wear, cotton napkins, wine glasses in acrylic, and plates. Not forgetting the cheeseboard and corkscrew!

Find a lovely spot to lay out your picnic and simply enjoy the day.

Picnic at Ascot London Picnic Backpack for 4 with Blanket


Happy Picnics Picnics past and present memories.

I do love a picnic! When I was a child I have very happy memories of me and my mum and Dad and our dog all piling in the car and driving off to somewhere beautiful in the countryside and getting out the picnic blankets and all the food! Of course our dog was a labrador and she really loved any food so you had to share it all with her too.

Then we would go for lovely walks and play games, maybe stop and do some strawberry picking and then return home tired but happy. Now I don't have my dad anymore and my Mum is too ill to go on picnics anymore I do really treasure those happy memories.

These days I get the food ready for the picnic too. I enjoy making the sandwiches and treats for the picnic. We have often gone on cottage holidays in the countryside or beach and this always involves quite a few picnics which is lovely.

Also during our summer time we do try to get out as much as we can to nice places to enjoy the outdoors. This year we really need a new blanket and I really want a proper hamper so I have been looking at what choices are out there.

Camco 42801 Picnic Blanket

 Very smart looking red and white picnic blanket suitable for outdoor events, camping and any outdoor occasions. I can see this being used at horse show events, for watching cricket and school spots games and for relaxing picnics.

It has a waterproof backing to save it and therefore you from getting damp which is often very important with changeable weather. It also comes with foam cushioning which is more comfortable. That way you will have a buffer between you and any little stones or uneven grass surfaces.

All in all it is a nice choice whenever eating outdoors or you need somewhere to sit with a little more comfort.


 Camco 42801 Picnic Blanket (51" x 59", Red/White)


Fleece Stadium Picnic Blanket - Waterproof & Windproof  

Lovely traditional looking fleece blanket. The colours are very pleasing, suitable really for anyone of any age. It is very practical as with the checks and darker colours you would not so much notice any small stains and it wouldn't be a disaster if something were dropped or spilled on it.

If the ground is damp it will not get through this blanket which is important as it is not nice sitting on damp sufaces!Also very good for a windblocking stadium blanket, or would be useful for camping.

I think this stadium picnic blanket is also excellent to keep and carry in the car. It would be very useful if passengers need a little extra warmth or children need covering up if they fall asleep.

It would also be good for if you get bad weather and if the car breaks down and you are left without heating for a while and need covering and some protection until help arrives.

 Waterproof & Windproof Fleece Stadium Picnic Blanket


What is Your favourite Kind Of Picnic?

  •     Just the two of us somewhere romantic
  •     A big family gathering of all the extended family games and music
  •     The immediate family us and the kids exploring the countryside or beach
  •     Some me time in the countryside or beach
  •     At an event like horse trials or gala.
  •     At a Music festival with friends
  •     A picnic with friends anywhere.
  •     A picnic at home in the garden with the family
  •     When visiting a stately home or gardens
  •     In a city when sightseeing
  •     When camping
  •     When hiking
  •     All of the above!  

Clara Clark ® Waterproof Outdoor Beach Picnic Blanket

 Wonderful multicoloured in stripes this has a carry bag complete with storage pockets. At size 54"x 84" it will hold most hings you require for a picnic and is a good practical option.

For use indoors or outdoors.You can carry this blanket around to wherever you need it. Great for the beach or camping in the countryside.It has the essential waterproof backing so no damp patches!

Clara Clark ® Waterproof Outdoor Beach Picnic Blanket, Rainbow Stripes

Outdoor Blanket By Freddie And Sebbie. Luxury Large Foldable Outdoor Blanket With Waterproof Backing.

This very highly rated outdoor blanket is great for any occasion from picnics, sporting events, hiking or beach.

 At home  for use on the lawn or patio, or for baby to play on. It is a stylish waterproof blanket. It is handmade of strongest materials  and will last a long time. 

It is easy to fold lightweight and easy to carry with the soft leather handle. Measures 78 inches by 55 inches and is very practical being machine washable.

Another definite on my wish list.

Outdoor Blanket by Freddie and Sebbie - Luxury Large Foldable Outdoor Blanket With Waterproof Backing, Perfect For The Beach, Travel, Camping, Hiking, Picnic, Sporting, Events, Park, Nusery, Safety, Emergency Oversized Blanket.


Thank You For Your Visit

I hope you enjoyed looking at these picnic baskets and hampers and maybe it brought back some memories of picnics you have had. Have you found any blankets or hampers you like? 

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