Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Unique Personalized Blankets

Unique Personalized Blankets

Here we have a selection of personalised blankets. Many of these personalised blankets are wonderful for gifts whether it be for a baby, a family or a student just off to University. It feels like someone has made that little extra effort to make it a personal gift. 

They are wonderful for presents for new parents, a treasured keepsake blanket for baby. Ideal as gifts for newborns, naming ceremonies and christenings etc. Also blankets older children and adults would appreciate. A blanket that is personalised in any way is a little more special. There is also a sense that especially in a larger family or if living with others like at University that it is your own personal blanket, just for you ! 

Why personalise a blanket?

I love many kinds of blanket and have many in our home. They find their way onto sofas, beds as throws and extra warmth in winter, watching TV cover ups, comforters when people are poorly. 

They also make their way into the car for "if we break down " situations or just long trips when passengers may get tired.

I also tend to give them as gifts and they do make great winter pressies for Christmas, beautiful wedding gifts and certainly for baby gifts.

So why personalise? Many of my blankets at home are not personalised but then I bought them myself. If I am giving them as a gift, especially if it is a special gift for a particular date like a wedding, a birthday, a Wedding Anniversary etc then it is wonderful to get them personalised with the name, date and if possible a special message.

Then it takes the blanket into a whole new meaning. It is something not just useful and lovely, but something to be treasured, more special, a keepsake, something that can maybe be passed down generations. I think it is well worth considering.

Fleece Photograph Blanket
Here is a beautiful idea for a personalized blanket, one with your own photograph upon it. I think this is a really wonderful idea! It can be a photo of anything and anyone and does make a truly personal blanket. Maybe a photo of each of your children, your pets, as a family, a wedding scene the possibilities are endless. In 100% polyester it is anti pill GSM soft coral fleece. This makes for a soft and fluffy blanket

Coral Fleece Throw Photo Blanket - Put Your Photo on a Coral Plush and Soft Blanket - 50 Inch By 60inch More Personalized Photo Blankets and Throws

Personalized Monogrammed Embroidered Baby Feet Fleece Blanket.

A beautiful choice for a baby gift, Personalised name on this Tahoe Fleece baby blanket. You can choose from six fonts and many different coloured threads. This very lovely blanket measures 30 by 40 inches and is a wonderful gift . 

PERSONALIZED Monogrammed Embroidered BABY FEET Tahoe Fleece Blanket~ Make it Special! (Hot Pink)

More Personalized Baby Blankets More Christening/Naming Ceremony Baby Blankets Embroidered Cozy Sweatshirt Throw

Made of a sweatshirt fabric this large throw (57 by 84 inches)  make a great blanket for picnics, throw over blanket for TV watching or curling up with a good book, for students at Uni or for the teenagers bedroom. Would be a great blanket to keep in the car as well for added warmth and comfort. The blanket is Heather Gray and can be personalised with any colour of embroidery

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