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Warm Wool Blankets

Super Soft Alpaca Wool Reversible Throw Blanket Deep Solid Burgundy Color 

Warm Wool Blankets Beautiful Warm and Practical.

A wool blanket always strikes me as a very honest down to earth item. A wool blanket can serve us well to keep us warm and be soft and gorgeous. 

Here we have a varied collection for you. You might like the gorgeous soft Alpaca wool reversible blankets or the beautiful Pendelton country or check designs. If you are keen on recycling there are also lovely recycled blankets here! 

Whether it is for you or as a gift for a loved one at Christmas or a Birthday or just because you know they will love it, a wool blanket will serve you well and look gorgeous.

Especially Alpaca wool is gorgeous and you can watch a video here about Alpacas who are wonderful creatures. There are also recycled wool blankets and lovely designs for you to take a look at. Whatever you choose it will be a lovely addition to your home and keep you toasty warm these cold nights.

 Soft 100% Alpaca Wool Reversible Throw Blanket - Wool Blanket With Muted Green Earth Tone Cream Cross Weave 

 Gorgeous colour this alpaca blanket is the softness of cashmere and warm and soft. Green Alpaca Wool Blanket I do love Alpaca wool and this green colour in particular is beautiful in the home offering a lovely accent of freshness and warmth. 

Super Soft Alpaca Wool Reversible Throw Blanket Muted Green Earth Tone Cream Cross Weave 

Combining the beauty of an Alpaca throw blanket with the practicality of using it to keep warm and snug on chilly evenings and cold winter nights.

 These blankets are enough to cover most beds but more usually used as a sofa or chair throw over.

Alpaca typically is very soft like cashmere and with a silky feel but very light and carrying the warmth of a wool. 

Generally Alpaca is usually best cared for by dry cleaning. However if there is very light stain which you catch quickly it may be removed with just a little water but do take good care.

Your Beautiful Wool Blanket.

As the nights draw in and the air becomes cooler I start reaching for a nice warm cosy blanket. Heating bills are so expensive now that it is preferable to find a gorgeous throw to cuddle up in rather than turning the heating up. However you don 't just want to be warm, you want to be comfortable and stylish too. 

This is where these beautiful wool blankets come in. You will not be worried or ashamed if anyone comes to your home where these blankets are draped over your sofa or being used by the kids as a comforter as they play games or watch TV. 

Recycled Wool Blanket Manduka Standard Wool Blanket Manduka Standard Wool Blanket 

Manduka Standard Recycled Wool Blanket (Acai) 

If recycling is important to you, you may like to take a look at this wool blanket. It has a dense weave to it and is plush but resists piling. It also has a overlocked edge stitching designed to prevent fraying and a dense weave that's scratch-resistant .

This blanket makes a superb Yoga blanket. It measures 82 inches by 60 inches and weighs 3.5 pounds. It is very supple and can be moulded to some extent to be for example folded in to a bolster or folded up in order to support the spine or hips. 

It is recommended for dry cleaning. It can be rolled into a bolster or folded to support your spine, hips, or legs. The restorative blanket provides the ultimate in warmth, comfort, and versatility while you perform dynamic yoga poses.

Recycled Polyester Throw Blanket Recycled Polyester Blanket

50 X 60 Recycled Polyester Throw Blanket - Wholesale 2 Pieces 

Throw is sized 50 X 60 n brown colour (but other colour choices available) and with a matching whipstitch finish this throw blanket is made of recycled polyester.

Perfect for cuddling up in and keeping you warm around your shoulders, great for keeping int he car and using when travelling. You could even take this on a plane to use instead of the aeroplane throws.

 Comes in a string tie pack if you wanted to give as a gift. The one here shown is in Brown but there are many other colours.

***It is important to know that unusually you need to send an email to tell them the colour you want after purchase. 

***If you don't e mail them they send you a random choice. So if a particular colour is important to you please do this. to choose from which you can see if you click through.

Also available is this wholesale soft winter couch throw in eco recycled polyester in this lovely neutral colour

2 Pieces Wholesale Soft Winter Couch Throw Blankets in Eco Recycled Polyester

All About Wool- How Wool Is Made Video

Old Hickory Wool Buffalo Blanket by Pendleton - Warm woollen throw. Pendleton 100% Wool Blanket Design 

Beautiful designs on this wool blanket reminding me of our trip to Canada. It is 100% wool and has black binding with grey tones. At 62 inches by 68 inches it is a nice sized throw and will be a lovely purchase for any home decor but especially if you like nature, animals and the outdoors.

It certainly is evocative of the wilder country side to me with its green pine trees, brown bears and moose!   
Old Hickory Dawn Wool Throw Blanket by Pendleton 


 Thank You For Your Visit Love to hear if you found a wool blanket you like or if you have any other wool blankets. 

Here is a comment from earlier   nightbear Oh now this is a nice wool blanket. You can't beat alpaca. How lovely! 

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