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Warm, Cosy Fun Monster Slippers

Warm, Cosy Fun Monster Slippers!

Fun and scary, but cuddly monster slippers! If you like monster claws, witches and pumpkins, Halloween or just enjoy warm, cosy and fun slippers you may enjoy these monster slippers. If you are looking for Monster slippers to bring out the inner - but cuddly!- Monster out in you-you are in the right place!

Monster slippers are Ideal for fun wear at Halloween and Christmas and all year round !! A lot of people would be very happy to find a monster slipper in their Christmas stocking. Monsters, yetis, witches, claws and creatures of the night all cuddly and warm! They are fun for kids and all ages. Perfect to keep those tootsies (and claws::0 ! ) warm on a cold winters day.

Keep these friendly monster slippers for your kids under their bed to scare away the other monsters.
Monstrosly Fun!!

Monster and Halloween Slippers Flying Out !

Please note many oif these slipper designs are going very fast now. If you find that the one you are looking at here is out of stock you can simply search for more similar designs.

Jack O'Lantern Orange Pumpkin Plush Slippers

Jack O'Lantern Orange Pumpkin Plush Slippers
Recommended for age 14 and upward, These bright slippers will make a great Halloween addition or anytime you feel like a bit of fun.

Bright and cuddly and very comfy Pumpkins without the mess! The Pumpkin slippers measure about 12 inches long.
Great just as slippers and would be wonderful as part of a Halloween costume or to wear with ordinary clothes but to get into the party spirit!

Why do werewolves do well at school?
Because every time they're asked a question, they come up with a snappy answer.

Pink Fuzzy Bear Paw Animal Slippers

Wishpets Bear Paw Slippers (Pink, Large)

If you like your monsters pink and rather fluffy these may be the ones for you ! They do have monster claws though so these are pink slippers with a bit of an edge!
Actually more a bear than a monster but bears can be monsters too!
Size medium fits a women's shoe size 7 to 10
Size large fits up to a men's shoe size 14

Why Monster feet slippers?

Scary Slippers!

Add a bit of personality to your slippers. Why be boring when you can have Monster feet !! Slippers make great gifts any time and are wonderful fun. Perhaps you or your kids would like to wear them for Halloween!

While I can't say I wear them myself I have a lot of nephews and especially when they were a bit younger they loved their monsters - so these slippers were always a good choice :) So if you know someone who likes monsters or just enjoys a bit of spooky fun they may enjoy these.

Have to say these are also just fantastic for fancy dress costumes- especially at Halloween but well you can make a great monster costume any time starting with the feet!!

Monster slippers make practical and a bit more unusual or unique Christmas, Birthday, Easter presents or Valentines day presents that will be well loved and bring a laugh or smile to the face so take a look and take your pick :)
Weird Zombie Slippers!

Toy Vault Godzilla Feet Plush Slippers
Toy Vault Godzilla Feet Plush Slippers

Godzilla Slippers

From the well known Toy Vault these slippers are delightful for fans of Godzilla! With big claws these slippers add a monster touch to the night !!

I can well imagine some amazing games being played and made up as a result of wearing these monster slippers.
They are made up of faux Lizard skin and measure five and a half inches tall, nine and a half inches wide and thirteen and a half inches long so are suitable for a wide range of shoe sizes. Probably the best fitting will be Mens size 8-12

How do you know that two werewolves have been in the fridge?
There are two sets of paw prints in the butter.

Rich Frog Terrible Two Shoes - Monster Feet

Rich Frog Funky Feet - Monster Feet

Great for creative play for young children these slippers can be incorporated in to many children's games.

They will probably be many creatures in play, from known dinosaurs and monsters, to totally made up critters from your child's imagination. Yet at the same time a cosy cuddly slipper.
One reviewer on amazon has noted that the sizing runs small so do perhaps bear in mind. They are listed as fitting child size 7 or Euro size 22.

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