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Memorable Quilted Blanket and Throws.

Memorable Quilted Blanket and Throws.

 Greenland Home Butterflies Quilted Throw

Quilted blankets and throws are always very special. They seem to make a home more welcoming, more cosy. Of course you may be wanting one of these gorgeous
throw for yourself or your family or you may decide to give a
beautiful blanket as a memorable wedding, house warming, birthday or Christmas gift.Here we have a selection to suit many homes and bedroom decor.

Greenland Home Vintage Jade Quilted Patchwork Throw

If you love blues and greens this is a great option. Lovely floral patchworks and stripes give a gentle look to this blanket.It is easy care in machine washable cotton.

Greenland Home Vintage Jade Quilted Patchwork Throw
Beautiful blues, greens, naturals and ivories in this gorgeous throw blanket.Lovely squares of a floral design and a striped design giving a beautiful fresh feel with double diamond stitching.

On the reverse side it is a stripe design so if you fancy a change you could flip it over to have the stripes.This very pretty throw is in an easy care machine washable cotton with 100% cotton face, back and fill.

Greenland Home Blooming Prairie Quilted Patchwork Throw

A soft yellow background and gentle garden colours combine to make a lovely blanket that will go in many rooms.
Machine washable cotton is great too for practicality.

With lovely colours of the garden in summer time this 100% Cotton throw reverses to a jacobean print over a very soft yellow background.Due to the colours in this throw it will go with a wide variety of decor offering warmth and homeliness to a minimalist decor and going perfectly in a country cottage type design.

It is very easy care in 100% cotton for its face, back and fill, so its just a simple machine wash for this quilt.

 Greenland Home Blooming Prairie Quilted Patchwork Throw

I Love A Quilted Blanket.
I adore these quilted blankets. I have one I bought in pink and green and cream that we use on our bed in Spring and summer. It looks very fresh and uplifting whilst still being warm.
We have a very special one that was a gift from a dear friend. We use that on our bed in the autumn and winter and also use it around the house over the sofa as a throw and it is lovely and cosy :)

Sea Inspired Quilted Throw

Greenland Home Coral Blue Quilted Patchwork Throw

Soft blues other pale background colours make this a very pretty blanket. If you like the seaside look this is ideal as it has a seashell theme with seahorses and starfish along with the lovely shells. Striped on the reverse so the seaside theme continues.

Greenland Home Coral Blue Quilted Patchwork Throw

If you adore soft blues this  quilted throw may suit you. It has a coral and seashell print with all things of the sea like shells, seahorses and starfish. Perfect for anyone who loves a delicate look or who enjoys the sea. It works well in these delicate and fresh colours here.

If ever you were to not want that design showing,  it reverses to a simple yet effective stripe. This adorable throw is also easy to care for as it is 100% Cotton and just requires a machine wash

  Greenland Home Butterflies Quilted Throw

Beautiful colours and butterflies! How gorgeous! With intricate vermicelli quilting and 100% washable cotton this quilt is a lovely choice.

 Greenland Home Butterflies Quilted Throw

It is hard to choose between all these lovely quilted throws but this is possibly my fave- mainly due to the fact I love butterflies! I do think that for anyone who is a nature lover and enjoys these colours this quilt could be a lovely choice.

In 100% cotton it reverses to a simple stripe if ever you did not want the butterflies is easy care machine washable as the face, back and fill are 100% cotton.So an easy care quilted throw with a gorgeous design.

Making Quilts-History and Technique

Quilts were often made to celebrate and event in a persons life. Women would gather together and make the quilt together so it could be a very social and community event. Typical reasons to make a quilt were a wedding or a birth.
Today we still of course celebrate these events and a quilt is a lovely gift to choose and we also love them for other gifts such a Birthdays and Christmas time.

There is something intrinsically comforting and warming and very welcoming about a quilt that I always find very lovely when I see one in a home.
You can learn more about the very interesting history and techniques of quilt making and how it lives on by watching the informative and very watchable -with showing some gorgeous historical and art work designs - video below.

A Brief History of Quiltmaking

Wedding Ring Quilt, Lovely For A Gift.

This would be gorgeous gift for a couple who had just got engaged or married.It would also be lovely perhaps for married couples celebrating special anniversaries such as their first or fifth or tenth or twenty fifth and so on. It is a wedding ring design so very beautiful and romantic.

Romantic Ring Throw Blanket Shabby Chic Wedding Ring Throws Quilts Patchwork White, Blue Wall Hanging

Romantic Ring Throw Blanket Shabby Chic Wedding Ring Throws Quilts Patchwork White, Blue Wall Hanging  
Neutral back drop to a colourful blue wedding ring design This is a lovely wedding or anniversary gift  or a beautiful house warming present to a couple.

Certainly a rich antique look and feel to this throw that will make a subtle statement in your home at an affordable price.
It would look very good draped over a chair or sofa in a living area I think.

It is finely stitched with a vintage rose bound edge and back and over stitched for durability. Easy care in 100% cotton and just requires a machine wash.

 Greenland Home Antique Chic Quilted Patchwork Throw   

Sumptious rich antique looking patchwork blanket. On one side you have an all over floral print and on the other is the patchwork of printed fabrics, very rich and gorgeous. 100% washable cotton 


Thank You For Your Visit

Somehow a quilted blanket seems to incorporate both being very up to date and chic with reminding us of crafts and community and a sense of nostalgia.A quilted blanket can easily become a family heirloom to be treasured for ages.

For me a quilted blanket in a room makes the house look and feel warmer and more homey. Just gorgeous as a gift for a loved one that will be remembered for ever, or as a wonderful   treasured addition to your own home.

I would Love to hear from you. Do you like quilted blankets?

Do you own any or did you find any here you liked?

Some of the blankets here are very pretty.

nightbear lm 
Absolutely gorgeous. I love it. Very beautiful quilts and quilted blankets.

Ramkitten2000  Flagstaff, Arizona
LOVE quilts and quilted throws. I'm planning to get a new one for the master bedroom when we move into our new home, and I have several quilted throws and blankets, too. I love the country look.

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