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Gorgeous Green Throws And Blankets

Great Green Throw And Green Blankets In Beautiful Calming Shades.  A Green throw, bedding or blankets are so beautiful and so practical. Here you will find many different types of  green throw from faux fur to fleece to pashmina.

There are so many shades of this lovely colour ranging from soft moss to bright acid to deep emerald to wonderful olive green and many more.

Green will fit into many colour schemes in a living, dining or bedroom and also great for use in the car, over the bed, the sofa, so many uses. For something that is both practical and beautiful you cannot go wrong

It makes a lovely gift for a Christmas present, birthday present, housewarming or just because...

Faux Fur Throw Blanket In Sage Moss Green. 


Ultra Soft Faux Fur Shag Throw Blanket Sage Moss Green  

Soft Beautiful Green Throw

In luxury faux fur this green throw is very soft and has a ultra suede lining.
It is a beautiful soft colour green and would be a wonderful addition to many homes to drape over a chair, sofa or bed ready to use if the evenings get chilly.
I love this colour of green and think it would be beautiful in a living room ready to snuggle up in on a chilly evening.

Lovely either as a shawl or throw over blanket or if you would like a bedspread cover this is available as well.  

Ultra Soft Faux Fur Shag Bedspread Bedcover Bedding Blanket Sage Moss Green Queen

What Is The Meaning Of The Colour Green ?

Green is a beautiful colour and one of my favourite colours. I love to use green in my home as I find it homely and calming and peaceful. So what does green mean?
Green is typically the colour of nature which makes sense just looking out onto the garden with its with growth, freshness and harmony. It is also noted for its healing and of hope. To look upon green is calming and soothing to the eye and to the soul. 
Green also relates to safety and to go forward. 
Dark green is also usually related to money, maybe because of the colour of bank notes!

Sea Foam Green Super Soft Faux Fur Blanket 


AMC(TM) Super Soft Faux Fur Blanket 50" X 60" Throw Lap blankets, Seafoam Green

Gorgeous sea foam colour so soft and beautiful.
This fleece throw is lightweight so great for your home or to take around with you in the car or to any events where you feel you may get chilly.

Green Throw Materials.

You can own a green throw in many different materials depending on what you are looking for. The selection covers faux fur green throws, luxurious and very comforting.Fleecy green throws are very practical and warm and cosy. Silk and pashmina are the luxurious. almost decadent treats and feel and look just so beautiful.
Essentially there is a green throw to suit any budget and any use. Do continue to enjoy browsing here.

Green And Pink Faux Fur Striped Throw Blanket

ArtOFabric Faux Fur Throw Blanket - Rugs Two Tone Stripe Pink and Green 60 Inch By 84 Inch

Really bright and cheerful plush faux fur throw in bright pink and bright green. It has a super soft solid color fur backing so is cosy and fashionable. At size 60 Inch by 84 Inch you can easily snuggle up in this.

To clean and look after this striking throw you need to dry clean or alternatively do a gentle cold wash. It is necessary to air dry only and then shake it out.

Practical Uses For A Green Throw

A green throw has many uses. One of the great thing about throws is that they are practical as well as beautiful. Here is a list of things a green throw can be used for:
  1. A green throw can be draped on the bed as a decorative cover or for extra a warmth
  2. A green throw can be kept in the car for a layer of warmth especially for the passengers in the back of the car. If children fall asleep while you are travelling it is much better for them to be wrapped in a warm, cosy throw.
  3. In the living or dining room as a drape for a chair.
  4. Snuggling up in a green throw while watching a favourite film. Everyone form children to the teenagers to adults and older adults like to feel warm and cosy while enjoying a great programme.
  5. If your heating goes off but you still want to be u watching a film, reading etc. a lovely green throw can be the perfect solution to keeping warm without adding to heating costs.
  6. For someone who is poorly it can be very comforting to wrap up in a lovely soft throw, gentle calming and cosy.
  7. Some throws can be used as a wrap over a dress to finish off that beautiful outfit!
I am sure you can think of many other uses!

Green Shawl, Wrap, Throw.
Gorgeous shawl. Warm soft and with a gold hand twisted fringe at either end it is also fully reversible two tone design. A very special green throw for you. 

Olive Green Lamayuru Design 100% Pashmina Shawl - - 2 Ply Reversible Throw

 Olive Green Lamayuru Design 2 Ply Reversible Pashmina Shawl Scarf Pashminas Seconds NEW

Can be used as a Shawl, Scarf Wrap or Stole. It is soft to the touch and will make a lovely throw over for cool evenings.

It is made up of Twill Weaved 55% Acrylic and with 45% Viscose and measures 70 inches by 27 inches with a 4 inch gold hand twisted fringe at each end of the throw

You can hand wash or dry clean this item.
 Also available, a beautiful jade green shawl, throw

Jade Green Lamayuru Design High Quality 2 Ply Reversible Pashmina Shawl Scarf Pashminas Shawls

 Lime Green Cashmere Blend Shawl

 Lime Green Solid Color Design High Grade Cashmere Blend Shawl Handmade in Nepal NEW

It is high quality fabric soft , light weight and warm on cold evenings. Twill weaved 80% wool and 20% Cashmere. It measures 79 inches by 27 inches with a one inch fringe at each end of the shawl. 

This shawl can easily be used over the shoulders or a simple scarf or as a wrap or even a stole depending on your outfit and your mood.

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Love to hear you stopped by. I hope you found a nice green throw you liked for you or as a gift.

Here are a couple of comments from earlier  


I have two lovely green throws with fringe look very much like the one in the intro. Love them!


I have a beautiful green sparkly wallpaper in my livingroom, and a green throw would be great in there. Especially the lambswool one that you show above. Yummy!

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