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Gorgeous Red Throws And Blankets

Gorgeous Red Throws And Blankets

100% Natural Merino Wool Plaid Red Check Super Soft and Warm Easy Care Blanket Washable Oversized Tartan Premium Wool Throw Multiplaid Eco-wise Blanket

Here you will find a selection of beautiful Red Throws And Blankets. Red is a gorgeous colour and includes the deeper shades of burgundy and maroon.

A Red Throw can really brighten and liven up any room. It is an easy and wonderful way of introducing red to a place without being overwhelming. It can be so easy to change the look and feel of a room with just the addition of a red throw without the expense and mess of redecorating.
A Red throw makes a beautiful winter gift for Christmas, Birthday or house warming or just because you love them and will be much used and appreciated.

If you love the colour red or you want to cheer up a room on a cold winters day add a gorgeous red throw!

Luxurious Soft Micro Mink Sherpa Blanket Throw Red Bone Print Plush Throw Blanket

This dog bones throw blanket is very soft and comfortable to snuggle into made of super soft micro Micro Sherpa so will look good and feel great!

 All Seasons Sherpa Throw Blanket Micro Fleece Plush 50-by-60-inch Bone Print Red White

Fun Bones Red Blanket!

How gorgeous! If you love dogs this throw could be perfect!
I can see this being used at home as a practical blanket or kept in the car as a travel blanket.
I can especially see this being used when watching sporting events and the kids sports days or even at dog shows!

It is not only a lovely looking throw but is very practical being made of 100% polyester and 50 inches by 60 inches so large enough for many uses. It is easy care being machine washable.

The Meaning Of Red

Red is a strong colour no mistake and will make a statement wherever it goes. It is often best to use red as an accent colour such as in a throw in a room. 
Red has many positive meanings such as its strong energy and strength, courage, passion and love.

The colour red evokes strong emotions, it is related to fire and as such can often make us feel warmer even if the actual temperature in the room has not changed. 
Red brings itself to the foreground, it never goes unnoticed. text and images to the foreground. If you want a chair or feature to be noticed accent it with red. Not the most restful colour it is rather associated with energy and movement and life and romance.

Simplicity Snooze Travel Comfort Set, Fleece Blanket & Pillow, Red

 This set has fleece blanket and a pillow in fleece too. Comes in a handy drawstring bag for convenience of traveling.This handy throw is also machine washable.


Comfy Nap Travel Gift Set Pillow and Blanket Throw for Travel, Red 

A Fleecy Red Throw

There is nothing like cuddling up in a fleecy red throw or blanket. The colour red straight away makes us feel just that bit warmer!

Supersoft and easy to care for these are great for snuggling up in front of the TV to watch a great film, or to have in the car for those long road trips to visit family and friends or for that winter break.

Children in the back of the car will especially appreciate the comfort of a red throw to keep warm if they fall asleep on long trips in winter.

A Faux Fur Red Throw

A Faux fur red throw can be very luxurious. Certainly warming and comforting it also looks very lovely in a variety of settings.

When its freezing cold outside there is nothing like a faux fur red throw to make you feel lovely and toasty warm :)

Queen Blanket Sumptuously Soft Plush Faux Fur Burgundy Borrego / Microfiber Reversible Winter Blankets Throw Bedspread

 Burgundy red polyester microfibre means a supersoft handle on this gorgeous throw blanket. Queen sized and washable.



WPM Queen Blanket Sumptuously Soft Plush Faux Fur Borrego Reversible Winter Blankets Throw Bedspread (Queen, Burgundy)  

Burgundy Red Queen Blanket - Borrego / Microfiber Reversible Winter

Sumptuously Soft Plush Faux Fur in Burgendy red.
Very affordable and beautiful and practical. This very versatile blanket is made of super soft plush 100% Polyester microfibre.

It is a huge Queen size so should be big enough for whatever you want to use it for and is a nice wearable burgundy colour.

I could see this being used as an everyday blanket draped over a chair or sofa for chilly evening use or to be kept in the car for freezing cold weather. Depending on your bedroom decor I feel it can also be sued as a throw over the bed to add extra warmth on those winter nights. 

Being reversible it will look good whichever side is visible.
In practical terms it is machine washable so is very easy care. 

  Faux Fur Throw Blanket - 3 Tone Spiked Red, Blue on Orange

 Striking coloured throw in red, orange and blue. This is a high quality faux fur that will be lovely in many homes.


 ArtOFabric Faux Fur Throw Blanket - Rugs 3 Tone Spiked Red, Blue on Orange 36 Inch By 60 Inch  

This throw is a bright statement colour and is made of plush custom faux fur It has a super soft solid colour backing.
This throw must be dry cleaned or given a very gentle wash in cold water.It must be air dried then just shaken out

I love a tartan red throw. I don't have any claim to a Scottish clan but I like tartan all the same! This throw is a particularly luxurious one.

There is something very warm, very traditional and very grounding or comforting to me about tartan. It can fit in with many looks in a home and always looks stylish. In 100% Merino wool this is a luxury oversized blanket, warm and light without bulk

This throw has perfect temperature regulation properties keeping you warm in winter and cooler in summer. Naturally anti bacterial and hypo allergenic. 

Here are some more red throws and blankets you may like.


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Did you find a red throw you liked? How do you use throws and blankets in your home?

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