Saturday, 8 November 2014

TV In The Bedroom - Yes Or No?

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Growing up we had one TV in the lounge and that was it. Today my husband and I have just one TV in the lounge. We have never had a TV in our bedroom.To me a bedroom is for sleep, relaxation and intimacy. It always takes me a while to wind down at the end of the day. I think TV would quite possibly destroy that for me. 

However, I know that many people have TV's in their bedrooms and they like it that way. They find it adds to their sanctuary and time away from responsibility.  Many of their teenage children also have TV in their bedroom.
  Also, my Mum, who lives alone now since Dad died, loves having a TV in her bedroom. She says she can go to bed early if she likes and watch her favourite programs and feel safe and warm and all cosy, especially in winter.

I also can see how it would be useful if you are more comfortable in bed due to physical conditions or if indeed you spend most of your time in bed due to illness.

I understand some beds are now made with an integral TV. 

Some bedrooms are designed around the placement of the TV.

So does having a TV in the bedroom aid restful sleep?  I am not sure... 

To me the bedroom is a place where the rest of the world is not allowed. It is switch off time. No worry time, no planning time. No outside world time.

My body and brain know when I go in to that room that its time to relax and chill out and just be. To me that certainly aids restful sleep.

If I can't sleep I get up, get a warm milky drink, get a book and then try again. I never go switch on the TV to try to get some rest. I need complete peace for that. However, I know some people who find they can easily nod off while watching the TV.

Maybe it just all depends on you personally and your circumstances, how easily you sleep and what helps you to feel safe and warm and sleepy.

So what do you think. Is A TV in the bedroom a good idea for restful sleep or not? 

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