Saturday, 18 October 2014

Faux Fur Throw. Champagne Fox Faux Fur Blanket

Best Home Fashion Champagne Fox Faux Fur Lounge Throw Blanket 

What a gorgeous Faux Fur Throw this is!  I think it looks just beautiful.

I would never have real fur in my home but with faux fur  it looks lovely and is cruelty free.

It is lined with a faux rabbit fur and is a Champagne Faux Fox Fur beautifully co ordinated. 

This throw can be used easily as a drape over a bed or a sofa or chair and adds to the home decor looking quite luxurious. If you are lucky enough to have room for a sofa or large chair in the bedroom it would look gorgeous there during the day too.

 It can also be practical as can be used as a cover over the bed for those chilly Autumn/Fall and Winter nights. Warm, practical and luxurious all in one great throw. 

 If you have a faux leather or leather sofa in my experience they can sometimes feel a bit cold in the winter so a nice throw like this can help to make it a softer more comfortable area. 

For a cosy evening in watching a great film, listening to music or simply cuddling up it would be a comforting throw to wrap around you.

To suit your requirements it comes in three useful sizes 54 inches by 36 inches, 58 inches by 60 inches and 60 inches by 84 inches. One side is warm and smoother and  the other is again warm, soft with longer hairs. 

If you would like to own this beautiful throw or learn more about it please go to Best Home Fashion Champagne Fox Faux Fur Lounge Throw Blanket 

It is recommended that you dry clean only this faux fur throw and I would absolutely agree given the materials. 

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