Tuesday, 21 October 2014

De Clutter The Bedroom For A Tranquil Environment.

In an ideal world a bedroom should be a sanctuary, a clean and uncluttered place to drift off into sleep. 

I know in reality many of our bedrooms are not like this but especially if you are struggling to sleep it might be a good idea to try.

If our bedrooms are full of the stuff of daily life then it is no surprise that may of us find it had to switch off and gently nod off. If bills are on the dressing table, toys on the floor, washing piled up in the corner and lists of stuff to do ready by the bedside table, it is hardly surprising that we cannot switch off. I find it really hard to sleep well in a cluttered bedroom.

The recommendation is that we de clutter and keep clean our bedrooms. Find or buy a storage unit that the clutter can go into out of sight, but accessible if you need it. Get a laundry basket and if no room in the bedroom, relocate it to the bathroom or other room. Paperwork and office work should be banished altogether or at least hidden away. 

Surfaces should be free and clear except for essential items and a few beautiful things that you treasure.

Clothes should be hung up in wardrobe space and ideally the doors shut. 

I like to have under the bed storage so that I have a place to put things I want to stay fresh and clean but relatively accessible. Once in it all just slides under the bed where it cannot be seen! 

Then a nice clean, hoover and polish everywhere to make it all fresh and clean. 

Then as you enter your bedroom it is a place of peace and tranquility, away from the everyday stresses and strains of the world. Your mind can relax and be quiet and you can calm down from the day.

I know this is the ideal but it is something to strive for if aiming for a restful and peaceful sanctuary of a bedroom. 

Is your bedroom tidy or cluttered? 

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