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Flower Blankets

Blankets Full Of Flowers!

Do you love flowers and blankets? If you do a flower blanket or throw may be something you will love for you and your home. Flower throws also make beautiful gifts for occasions and newly weds.

Vera Bradley Throw Blanket (Flower Shower) 

If you are looking for a beautiful blanket full of flowers you are in the right place! I love flowers and adore having them in my garden and in my home.

Flowers are becoming very popular and a lovely way to decorate in the home. However decorating, wallpapering etc can be very time consuming, messy and expensive! Much easier and a beautiful way to bring flowers into the home all year round is with a flower blanket.

Here we have a flower blanket to suit every room and there maybe just the one for you. They make wonderful gifts for Christmas, birthdays and house warming presents.

You can change the look and feel of a whole room with a lovely blanket and much more easily than redecorating! It will easily fit into a bedroom or living room and bring a cosy and fresh look to it. A flower blanket is also just lovely to cuddle up with warm and cosy :) Enjoy looking around.

"I must have flowers, always, and always." Claude Monet

Flower Blankets in the Home. Floral design in a throw

Why do I like Flower blankets? Well to me they are just so pretty and uplifting and if they inspire an emotion it is happiness. They make me smile...

I love flowers and even in my garden in the bleak wintertime I have tried to design it so that there are flowers- I have winter jasmine there near our window so we can see its cheerful yellow flowers even in the cold light of winter days.

Of course in spring and summer the garden is full of flowers and just lovely. For me a flower blanket is a great way of bringing that freshness and cheerfulness of the flowers in the garden into my home in a long lasting way.

These blankets do look lovely in a country styled home and I think they also add a touch of softness and anarchy to a very minimalist modern home. Wherever they are they are warm and comforting to cuddle up in on a cool evening.

I adore throws and blankets and maybe you do too. I love to have something to wrap around me on chilly mornings and winter evenings. I need to feel warm and cosy then.
When its chilly but not yet cold enough to put the heating on a warm throw is ideal to wrap up into.

Equally they can easily be a statement for the home. A beautiful throw draped over a chair or a sofa can look really beautiful and very stylish and really pull a room together. They can make a cold room seem warmer and give a friendly homely feel to any space.

Throws and blankets can also be taken on trips in the car so that if anyone gets tired especially children or elderly people they can have a blanket over them to feel more like home and rested and warm.

Horizons Collection Micro Fleece Rose Blanket

Horizons Collection Micro-Fleece Plush Full/Queen Size Blanket, Rose 

With a beautiful quite delicate watercolour pattern it is a gentle flower blanket. It combines warmth and softness yet is not a bulky throw. Also you can machine wash cold and tumble dry this one.
At Queen sized this blanket is big enough to get all wrapped up in and soft enough to be oh so cosy!

You can use this throw on the bed, or ready on the sofa for cuddling up in on cool evenings. In subtle, gentle colours this flower throw will suit many homes and is a lovely gift idea

The earth laughs in flowers" Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunflower Meadow Floral Mix - Tapestry Throw Blanket

Sunflower Meadow Floral Mix Tapestry Throw Blanket 50" x 70"

This is a beautiful tapestry throw made of 100% cotton. I think this look s slightly oldie worldly in a good way and mixes the bold sunflower with other pretty wildflowers.I love sunflowers!

They are so majestic and tall and the way they grow from a tiny seed in to a huge statement flower is amazing!I have had varied success with growing sunflowers but with a throw you can always have them right there in your home all year round. 

Pink Vintage Flower Patchwork Quilt - Blanket of roses

Pink Vintage Flower Patchwork Quilt

I love the colours in this pretty flower blanket. They are so delicate and pretty.It would look adorable in our guest room. Equally it would suit a little girls room or anywhere a pretty country or pink theme was running.

This is a very lovely blanket combining stripes and roses, ginghams and dots.An added bonus is that it is a fully reversible flower blanket.

DENY Designs Barbara Sherman Daffodil Fleece Throw 
DENY Designs Barbara Sherman Daffodil Fleece Throw Blanket, 60 by 50-Inch

Daffodils always mean Spring is finally here to me!
They are so sunny , so happy as flowers coming after a harsh winter and one of my fave spring flowers.

I love to have them in my home but of course they only last about a week in water.I have them all over our front garden too and they are so lovely. Here with this throw you can have daffodils all year round and keep warm and cosy.

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower." H.Christian Anderson

  Love to know what you think of a flower blanket and do you have a fave flower?

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