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Cosy Slippers With Owl Designs

Cosy Owl Slippers

When I think of bedrooms, relaxation and getting ready to sleep I also think of cosy slippers!

If you love owls or know someone who does a pair of cosy owl Slippers would make a wonderful gift. Warm and practical and with a touch of fun to brighten up the colder days and nights. Here you will find Owl slippers for cosy feet. If you love owls and love cute owl slippers you are in the right place!

As the nights draw in and cooler weather is here you need to keep your feet nice and cosy. I really dislike my feet being cold so always have some warm slippers. In addition with many of us having wooden flooring its just so much nicer to walk around in a cushioned slipper than barefoot or having to wear your shoes.

Snoozies Womens Fleece Lined Footies, Purple Owls Womens Footcoverings - XL

Owl Slippers

Here you will find a selection of slippers anyone who likes owls will be happy to have. Owl Slippers make great gifts any time and wonderful fun and practical Christmas presents, Birthday gifts, Easter presents or Valentines day presents that will be well loved, so take a look and take your pick :)

Fuzzy Friends Owl Slippers
Oh so cute Fuzzy friends owl slippers. Fits US size 4 to 9.5 . I love these huge eyes and owl features on these slippers. A lovely present for someone or just a gift to yourself.

Aroma Home Fuzzy Friends Owl Slipper, Large, Brown

I love these Owl slippers.They look to me somewhat crafty in make up.I really appreciate the look on the owls face and the way they have made the eyes so huge , just like when you are looking at an owl!

The colours are just great and if you know someone who likes owls they are a nice choice of slipper.

Wise Owl

"A wise old owl sat on an oak;
The more he saw the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard;
Why aren't we like that wise old bird?"

- Edward Hersey Richards

For The Love of Owls

I adore Owls. I go as often as I can to an owl and hawk sanctuary near us. The hawks are amazing but its the owls I find I am transfixed by. I love the gorgeous feathers, the look of their faces and the way they can turn their heads around so far!I was allowed to hold one of the owls and she has so much presence and beauty.

The owls eyes are truly hypnotic and if you look into their eyes for any length of time you can feel yourself being lost in them somehow....

They are a beautiful creature and all the more mysterious in that we do not see them all that often and I for one feel privileged when I do and even more so if I get to hold one of them. Anyway suffice to say I love owls and therefore I love anything owl related! 

Snoozies Womens Fleece Lined Footies, Purple Owls Womens Footcoverings - XL

Snoozies Womens Fleece Lined Footies, Purple Owls Womens Footcoverings - XL

In Polyester brushed fleece lined with a soft sherpa fleece and available in different sizes.

I really like this owl design within this more standard slipper form. The colours are beautiful with the purple background and then the owls themselves are in yellow-gold, green and a reddish tone.

In addition these slippers have safe non skid soles.
It is a really lovely cute owl design so here you have a slipper that looks and feels great and keeps you warm and cosy! 

The Owl and the Pussycat

The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea
In a beautiful pea-green boat,
They took some honey, and plenty of money,

Wrapped up in a five pound note.

Crochet Pattern For Owl Slippers
This is for those of you who can do and enjoy crochet.
I think it is a lovely idea to crochet a gift for someone so if you have the skill and would like to do this it is a pretty pattern.

If you would like to crochet slippers here is a beautiful owl slippers pattern. So if you are a crafter and enjoy crochet and owls these slippers are perfect.

Wild Baby Owls Video

Here are more choices of cute Owl designs on slippers for toddlers, girls and women. 

  I know lots of people love owls and some people collect items all about owls.I hope you enjoyed it here and maybe found a lovely pair of owl slippers. 

Please feel free to leave a comment. I do read every comment and thank you for taking the time.

Here are more choices of Slippers with an Owl Design.You can search for more here too! 

Do You Like Owls And Owl Slippers?. Here are a few comments from earlier. 

nightbear lm profile image
nightbear lm 
Oh how nice! I love the owl slippers, and the videos of owls is wonderful.

sharonbellis profile image
sharonbellis Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Yes, these are really cute!.

victoriahaneveer profile image

I love that poem. I heard it years ago. Oh, and owls are my favorite animals. They are so majestic and awe inspiring!
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