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Gorgeous Knitted Blankets For The Home And Gifts.

Knitted Blanket. Add Individuality and Easy Style To Your Home With A Knitted Blanket.

Knitted blankets are very beautiful and yet practical. You can use knitted blankets and throws for decoration in your home and to admire the work and beauty in them. 

You can also use them on a daily basis to wrap up warm with while cosying up on the sofa, while working, on the computer and as a wrap for passengers in the car. They make beautiful thoughtful gifts for a loved one. 

Here we have a lovely selection of knitted blankets from hand knitted to all different colours. There is surely a knitted blanket to suit most tastes. What an excellent way to keep warm and cosy and also many make a lovely gift.

Handmade Knitted Blanket

Grand Mom Inna - Handmade Knitted Blanket

Grand Mom Inna - Handmade Knitted Blanket- Mix Brown (60" X65")

A very special purchase. One is made at a time by a skilled knitter. usually one is available at a time in each colour. Pre ordering is possible. 

I love this timeless elegance and the fact that it would go in just about any room in our home. I like this colour for its versatility and beauty. Read more when you click through any of the links below to amazon for details and there are more colours both in the neutral range and richer colours.

You may however find that you need to wait for this blanket but are not all good things worth waiting for?

The reason is that Grand Mom Inna lives in Wingdale, NY. She actually makes each blanket by hand which takes her up to ten days to finish. There is usually only one colour available of each blanket and once that one is sold she will make a start on another one. More details about this if you click through to the Amazon site.

Lovely Irish Knitted Blanket. Irish Honeycomb Knitted Throw

Irish Pure Wool Honeycomb Throw

This Irish knitted throw measures 60 inches by 50 inches. It is designed in Ireland and delivered to the US within six to nine days.

100% Irish Pure Wool Honeycomb Throw-60" X50"

A Simply Beautiful Irish Knitted Throw

This is a beauty of a throw from Ireland. Having Irish roots myself I was drawn to this lovely throw.

It is made of 100% Irish Pure Wool Honeycomb by the West End Knitwear which is Ireland's largest knitwear manufacturer.

I didn't know this but I have learned that the use of the traditional Irish honeycomb pattern is supposed to bring good luck!

I love all the tales that are associated with this knitted Irish throw. It is also said by some that it relates to the very hard working honey bee which is so important to human life. 

Another interesting fact is that knitted using Irish cable stitching which resembles the ropes the fishermen use and again is a luck symbol in the hope of a good days fishing.

A Knitted Blanket in Your Home.

When you purchase a knitted blanket you are holding someone's idea, someone's handicraft and care and skill. This is even more true if it is hand knitted.

There is something comforting and rustic and charmingly beautiful about a knitted blanket that I really love. I am not a knitter but I do appreciate knitted clothing and blankets and the work that goes into them.

There are so many lovely colours and combinations, lively patterns and cool designs and also the very simple beautifully made plain colours.

A knitted blanket goes well in any setting in any home be it ultra modern or rustic and cottage and everything in between.
They are very versatile used as pure decoration thrown charmingly over a chair or practical to be used by the family cosying up on the sofa.

An extra layer of warmth is often needed at night so we keep one in our bedroom, beautiful in its own right but on hand if we get chilly.

Kennebunk Home Bedford Cottage Tuscany 50-Inch by 72-Inch Knitted Throw, Chocolate Luxury Knitted Blanket

  Kennebunk Home Bedford Cottage Tuscany 50-Inch by 72-Inch Knitted Throw, Chocolate

This gorgeous throw blanket is knitted with 93 percent rayon and 7 per cent polyester yearn. This combination gives the throw as lovely silky, soft touch and in addition means that it will be able to cope with everyday wear.

Showing here in Brown  available through Amazon. To care for this throw all you need to do is hand wash it in cold water and lay it flat to dry.

At a measurement of 50 inches by 72 inches it is a versatile size and will make a lovely accent to any home or beautiful gift idea for birthdays or Christmas or especially a house warming gift.

Woven Workz Betty Throw, Willow - Beautiful Knitted  Patterned Self Colour throw. Pretty Hand Knitted Throw

Heavyweight, gorgeous throw, made of 100% Acrylic

  Woven Workz Betty Throw, Chocolate

This very pretty hand knitted throw is 100% Acrylic.
It is a heavyweight blanket without a fringe so simple and uncluttered.

It has a pattern that is in my opinion very beautiful and will add a touch of loveliness and a soft, warm feeling to any home. 

Thank you for visiting my page on knitted blankets. Did you find one you liked? See below for more choices. 

How Would You Use A Knitted Blanket?

 As a decorative, warm throw over the bed
 As a decorative, warm throw over the sofa or chair
 To use when travelling in the car or on holiday
 To wrap up in to keep me warm and cosy 
Would you buy a knitted blanket as a gift or for your home?

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I do read each and every one. Here are some previous comments.

they are lovely! I rarely have the patience to wait to knit a whole one

mumsgather Malaysia
They are lovely for throwing over a sofa especially the colorful knitted blankets.

Beautiful selection of knitted blankets. Jim and I have our own blankets for cozy nights at home. It is essential!

We each have a chunky cable knit type blanket! love it for wrapping up in watching the TV at night!

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