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Beautiful Black Throws And Blankets

If you are looking for a black throw I have a lovely varied selection here for you to choose from. A  black throw has a sophisticated look about it. It looks stunning and stylish yet is still very practical and user friendly around the home.

Many of these throws are soft and warm and cuddly and always stylish and chic. In this selection there is everything from faux fur, warm and cuddly, heated and even a special mention for Elvis fans!

A black throw or blanket or comforter can make a great gift for anyone from teenagers to adults to seniors and both men and women -if they like the colour black- can appreciate a black throw cover.

Black Faux Fur Mink Throw Blanket


Faux Fur Mink Throw - 58" x 84" - Black Mink  

Sleek and sophisticated looking this faux fur throw is very soft and luxurious. Microfibre backing in same colour and faux fur front make it warm and cosy for chilly times. It is very soft and looks luxurious yet can be machine washed. 

It is also 100% flame retardent  modacrlylic faux fur so perfect for any safety concerns. 

This beautiful classy throw blanket comes in three sizes to suit most homes and beds 36" x 54", 58" X 60" and 60" x 84". I think it looks really beautiful draped over the bed in the picture.

A Black Throw In The Home.

On first thoughts maybe a black throw isn't a first choice, yet if you look at what is available it can look amazing. A black throw can lend an air of sophistication and elegance to a room. Think of a black tie event where black is often worn to convey elegance. Black is also often used to give a sense of mystery.

Black works well with bright jewel colours of green, red and blue. It can look very stylish with creams and striking with white. It does not in my opinion tend to look its best if combined with duller colours though of course you may disagree!

Sometimes seen as a masculine colour I think a black throw can be given to a man or woman or teenager. My nephews love their black throws, well one has a black throw and the other one a black x animal print throw! 
A black throw will give an air of stylish cosiness and sleekness to a room. You can use it as a bed throw, a blanket over a sofa or a chair or to snuggle up in any time.

Elvis Throw Gift idea. Singing Elvis Throw In Black


 Elvis Back in Black Fleece Throw Blanket  

So here is a special item for all those Elvis fans! A great gift for Elvis followers, either to add to a growing Elvis collection or to start one off.

What a great gift this would make for Elvis fans! He really was one of the greats of his time wasn't he. If you enjoy all things Elvis or you know someone who does this affordable throw may interest you.

It is a soft fleece throw made of 100% polyester and quite lightweight weighing around 15 oz.

It measures 50 inches by 50 inches which is a useful size for a sofa throw or a chair throw over, maybe to drape over a single bed or to use when travelling. 

Simple Deluxe Sofantex Luxury Reversible Plush Throw

 Simple Deluxe Sofantex Luxury Reversible Plush Throw Blanket, 60 by 80-Inch, Black

A warm beautiful black throw. If you thought black would be a cold colour then you can see it has a sheen and beauty of its own. To me this looks a lovely cosy, warm throw to snuggle up in.  

This throw has a cashmere like softness yet is 100% polyester easy care fabric. As you can see it has a very rich and elegant high sheen to it. What you cannot see is the softness of it. 

With all of that it is simply a machine wash to look after it. 

If you like fashionable black and white or you like zebras this could be the choice for you ! It is lovely and soft and comes in sizes Twin, King or Queen sized. 

Use it as a bed covering or even to drape over a bed or sofa for added style and there when you need extra warmth but still looking very cool.

On one side is the striking zebra print while the other side is a calm grey. 

In a soft plush fabric which is microfibre warm and soft.

As a throw over the bed with the pillow covers to match, it gives a very dramatic look. Or cosy up in the living room on chilly winter evenings or to drape over you while watching a film or relaxing on the sofa.

This comforter is also machine washable so easy to care for.

Sunbeam Microplush Electric Heated Throw Blanket Black

 Sunbeam Microplush Electric Heated Throw Blanket Black

A Black Throw With Heat Settings

This is a black throw with a difference! It actually has heat settings so that you will really stay toasty warm as long as you use it.

You may even be able to turn down the heating and save on those bills! There are three heat settings, and as it turns itself off after 3 hours of use you do not need to worry about overheating.

The fabric is microplush so very soft and lovely.At measurements of 50 inches by 60 inches its perfect for covering up when reading, watching a film, doing your crafting or just cuddling up for extra warmth on the sofa or in bed. 

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Here are some further choices of black blankets and throws.

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